Why Business People Speak Like Idiots: A Bullfighter’s Guide £12.99

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There is a fundamental disconnection between the way business people speak and real people communicate. From advertisers, big business and CEOs – the blather is coming at us in waves. The International Language of Business is no longer English – it’s gobbledygook. The authors blindly discovered the enormity of the problem in June 2003 with the launch of Bullfighter, an anti-jargon software tool. But jargon is just one symptom in a larger problem afflicting corporate communications today: the wholesale inability to connect with an audience. In the form of admirably straight-talk, we discover how to avoid the ‘obscurity trap’, ‘the anonymity trap’, the ‘hard-sell trap’ and most importantly, ‘the tedium trap’. In this witty and practical new book readers are given all the tools they need to fight the ‘spin’ and learn to speak like the rest of us.


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